Welcome to world of INFRA

infrapromotinyTornado Infra Station
Introducing the worlds first hand held infra rework station.

Here is an honest attempt to give infra rework at reasonable price without any degradation in quality.

Our product has been built using one of the best infrared techniques.

Now we are offering this excellent product in our official store www.narrygsm.com, and also a complete list of our distributors around the world.






First of all – Why is an INFRA machine needed?

  • What more can it do than a hot air?
  • First since 2006 June all PCB’s made all over the world must be lead free PCB’s
  • The melting temperature for lead free solder is 225 °C
  • Also if you have a PCB with lead free solder wire and if you try using hot air to repair it the PCB tracks can go bad.
  • So there is no other choice but to use INFRA heating station

How does this infra work?

  • The Infra rework consists of two units; one is the Pre Heater and the second one is a Hand Held unit.
  • The Pre Heater is used as a base on which the PCB is placed and kept in place with the help of small magnetic foot.
  • The Pre Heater is used to preheat the PCB up to a suitable temperature from the lower side. Approx mate temperature for preheat is 100 degrees  which will display on the unit 300 in meter in the preheater
  • Once the PCB is preheated to the required temperature the Hand Held unit is used to heat the required part to a higher temperature (sufficient to melt the solder) and the required part can be removed.
  • Another new part can be also be fixed in the same way – after proper application of flux

A couple of TIPS

  • The hand held unit should not be used at maximum temperature. The peak temperatures are quite high and can damage the PCB.
  • Moreover different types of IC’s require different working temperatures depending upon size, if it is glued and various similar factors.